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The Akeneo Print App – powered by InBetween

The Akeneo Print App – powered by InBetween
March 22, 2022

Akeneo Print App – powered by InBetween

Your next step in publishing is just a tap away!

From now on, the brand new Akeneo Print App, powered by InBetween, is officially available at the Akeneo App Store.

Do you need to plan and build publications across several roles in your team such as product management or marketing?

Effortless control and maximum efficiency at a high pace is possible. InBetween’s comprehensive online solution creates the basis for successful collaboration – whether you produce digital or print publications. And the best part: It’s available as an independent app, now.

Two components - one app

The app consists of two InBetween products:

The InBetween Publication Wizard as well as the InBetween Publisher, two web-based tools for collaboration and
distribution between individual departments relevant to the process.

1) The InBetween Publication Wizard

The InBetween Publication Wizard is a collaborative environment for your team to iteratively plan and build publications: non-technical users from purchasing, product management or marketing, as well as DTP users can participate.

Non-technical users, responsible for publications, can easily handle their workflows, encompassing reviews and approval, before handing pages and sections of publications over for final editing and approval.

How does it work?

  • You select the preconfigured master pages provided in the tool and drag them to the editing area
  • Product data is automatically fetched from your Akeneo PIM and is made available for processing in the product basket
  • Then, products can be placed on the pages as desired
  • The product gets laid out automatically

2) The InBetween Publisher

The InBetween Publisher is the ideal solution for a most efficient distribution of your publications. You can give partners such as dealers, subsidiaries, or sales representatives on-demand access to your current and individualized publications.

How does it work?

  • If you integrate the InBetween Publisher into a self-service portal, the user identification of the portal selects the dynamic parameters automatically
  • Your distributors, dealers, sales or service staff only need to select the publication
  • Within seconds, they will obtain the perfect result in the desired language, currency, unit of measurement or with the desired assortment

Create and distribute your marketing material efficiently
with the brand new Akeneo InBetween Print App!

👉Add some ease to your workflows.