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Akeneo Unlock 2021!

Akeneo Unlock 2021!
22nd March 2021

Take part in an unique experience for the PIM and PXM community!

When: 06.04.2021–30.04.2021 

Akeneo Unlock 2021the newest version of the annual Akeneo PIM Summit, previously known as APS, was reimagined as a fully online event. InBetween, perennial Akeneo Partner, is honoured to be a part of this digital event as a sponsor. APS was a much-anticipated and highly energizing Akeneo annual conference celebrating the PXM and PIM, and we are expecting Unlock to be just as vibrant and exciting. 

  • Engaging content and inspiring speakers are awaiting you. This year’s event is all about unlocking growth in the new year by expanding to new geographic markets, conquering new sales channels, and growing your product assortment. You will learn more about the PXM ecosystem, hear success stories from PIM and PXM users, get more info on the future Akeneo PIM and how thanks to our InBetween Solution you can  create Publications directly from the Akeneo PIM!  
  • Publishing for Creatives: Produce publications combining creative and data-based content. 
  • Quick Datasheet Generation: Automatically generate data sheets or price lists.
  • Publishing for Teams: Let different departments collaborate in the production of your publications. 

Unlock 2021 will feature a mix of forward-looking keynote presentations, best practices, technical workshops, customer testimonials, and virtual networking opportunities. But, more importantly, it will remain an inclusive experience where every part of our community plays a role, sharing challenges, lessons, achievements, and breakthroughs. 

The Event kicks off on April 6 and but don’t worry if you can’t make time on Tuesday. The event will be going on throughout the month of April, allowing you to experience Unlock on your own schedule! Just visit the event website for more information and to register to reserve your spot at this momentous digital event – Akeneo Unlock 2021! 

Hope to see you there! 

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions!