Cross-cultural team takes you to the next level

Cross-cultural team takes you to the next level

InBetween cross-cultural team takes you to the next level

At InBetween multi-cultural and cross-continental virtual teamwork has become the new norm thanks to the advancement of digital connectivity in the business world.  

The Indian state of Goa has been home to InBetween for over a decade. The local Goa InBetween team works very closely with their German headquarters on developing a wide range of publication solutions. Together, this remarkable cross-continental crew brings remarkable innovations to the forefront.  

This outstanding collaboration was celebrated a year ago by the government of Goa, India as InBetween received recognition for having a positive impact on the Indian economic growth and providing employment opportunities for Goans.  

InBetween Software was amongst the selected few companies that received such IT grants from the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Swant and the Minister for Information Technology, Mrs. Jennifer Monserrate. For this reason, InBetween Software has been keen on hiring the most talented individuals to bring its customers intelligent publishing automation solutions to the next level, whilst simultaneously enabling ease for a simplified customer experience. 

The quick creation and distribution of contents helps businesses present continuous up-to-date information in an attractive manner to consumers and creates a great customer experience. By offering these services, career opportunities continue to flourish and a positive contribution to the innovation of information technology is made. 

These are just a few of the benefits resulting from intercultural and virtual teamwork. InBetween is grateful to be able to showcase the talented individuals from the IT sector in India. This ability to source this talent amplifies InBetween’s competitive advantage by ensuring the most innovative publishing solution and the best customer service.  

Last but not least, cultural diversity is not only cross-continental, as it is also very much present in the InBetween German office. These heterogeneous teams with a variety of experience and perspectives, amplifies highly creative and innovative teamwork and equally increases the team performance, especially when working on complex solutions.

Meet our InBetween Software Development Pvt. Ltd. team from Goa