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Database Publishing: Facts and Insights

Database Publishing: Facts and Insights
22. June 2021

Database Publishing Facts and Insights – Results of the Customer Survey

In February 2021, we conducted a survey about our customers’ preferences in the field of printing and publishing, and also about their satisfaction with our products and services. Many thanks to all participants. Your feedback, wishes, and criticisms help us greatly to better understand our clientele and to adapt our range of services to your expectations.

We would like to present the most important results of the survey below.

Importance of communication channels in product communication:

Publishing is playing an increasingly important role for our customers. Less is being invested in printed publications such as extensive catalogs and price lists, but print publications remain important means of communication. At the same time, the significance of online catalogs and web publications grows, as is product presentation in the e-shop. Mobile media are also coming to the fore.

Publication processes:

Most participants indicated that the highest possible level of automation is important to them. At the same time, many InBetween users prefer to be able to work directly in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress, more than in the InBetween web applications. Complete control over layout and the ability to instantly make manual changes seems to be important for many application areas.

At the same time, distributed publishing processes involving other departments, foreign subsidiaries and sales partners play a major role. It is also considered important to be able to address customer groups specifically through language and target group variants. Several participants appreciate a lot to being able to automate different publications such as technical documentation, labels, and advertising materials.

IT Strategy:

Solutions from the cloud are the future and online solutions should be more used, at least this is the opinion of most of our participants.  Also support for mobile devices is important for many.

On the other hand, the view that IT solutions should be operated in the company’s own IT infrastructure is on the wane; a change in IT strategy is evident here, which is also becoming apparent in other areas. The outsourcing of publication processes to media service providers and agencies, on the other side, is only rarely desired – their role in the future is more likely to be seen in creative consulting.

To our delight, the statements about the InBetween solutions and services were very positive 😊.

Many constructive suggestions for improvement were made. We have taken these to heart and will take it into account in further product development.

The statement, why our customers chose the InBetween solutions, was really exciting. The main argument here was flexibility, followed by performance and suitability for complex technical publications.

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Best ragards
The InBetween Team