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Data-Driven Publishing

Database Publishing – simply explained

Would you like to simplify your print production?

Then database publishing is the right recipe because you will already find the necessary ingredients in your database: structured data.

Product information and images are supplemented by metadata and special formatting rules. You link the product data with the corresponding layout. In this way, publications can be output directly from your database. Catalogs, direct marketing, price lists or technical documentation – all this and much more can be easily produced with the help of database publishing.

What is Data-Driven Publishing?

Do you have a PIM system? Excellent.

This extends the possibilities of database publishing by an important step. Based on a modern product information management system (PIM), you can translate complex data structures automatically and dynamically into ready-to-use publications.

This allows you to discover new paths in data-driven marketing. Driven by marketing data from your PIM you can offer new products or product groups on all channels in no time at all. If you want to serve a new market with a new language, a different currency or even with a variant of your product range, the latest communication tools are already available.

Agile publishing with automation

You want to completely avoid time-consuming post-editing? Wonderful.

With InBetween the print channel becomes a racetrack. The more automated the production of your documents is, the faster you can react. You can output your publications dynamically and without intermediate steps fully automated directly as PDF. This allows you to tailor your publications individually to your target groups and markets and even output them overnight.

Would you prefer to still make creative adjustments? No problem.

You simply make a short pit stop in the DTP software and off you go. Adjustments and editorial insertions can be made quickly, and yet you will reach your objectives faster. With a maximum degree of automation, you can react in an agile way worldwide with a minimum of effort – without any delay.

And what about creative Publishing?

Would you like to work creatively? Adobe InDesign integration is the key.

Design your product layouts according to your own ideas. This allows you to concentrate fully on your editorial content, while product layouts including price listings are automatically generated quickly from your PIM system or updated reliably at any time.

Creative publishing combines automation with free design in perfect harmony to support your creative freedom with a maximum of speed and efficiency.