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Embrace digital publishing to enhance product experience

Embrace digital publishing to enhance product experience
March 29, 2022

Embrace digital publishing to enhance product experience

Enjoy an exciting talk about state-of-the-art implementation of PIM, digital publishing and successful collaboration 😎

Here’s a success story that is very special to us. Why? Because it tells a story about collaboration and agility. About simplifying complexities. It tells a story of print publishing as a handy tool to verify data and making data visible as a first, controllable move in the huge and complex omnichannel ecosystem.

Digitalization of content creation and distribution across multiple channels is the key to creating a meaningful customer experience in today’s day and age. Publishing marketing material has moved beyond print into the omnichannel digital world, encompassing website, social media, and digital marketplaces.

The new challenge companies face is to make information instantly available and to keep it up-to-date across all these channels for a better customer experience. The need to embrace this change was keenly felt by the Swiss Krono Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wood-based products.

The group’s quest for change resulted in a partnership that would transform information management and publishing processes for the company, and enhance customer experience for its clients by manyfold.

The manual product information management practices at Swiss Krono group were labor intensive, and fraught with difficulties. This needed to change.  

For the Swiss Krono Group, the objective was to have a proper Product Information Management System and to supply all the channels with a single source of product information.

Further on, adding a digital publishing solution to the PIM system was a key feature to transform the way the company delivered omnichannel digital experiences to their customers.

The digitalization project was overseen by Unic, the lead consultant for Swiss Krono Group, with Akeneo as their PIM partner, along with InBetween Software providing the edge for digital publishing.  

Why was this project needed? How was it carried out? How did it help the Swiss Krono Group?  

These and other questions were answered in a special interview at Akeneo Unlock 2022 with Alexander Dressler (InBetween Deutschland GmbH), Ueli Preisig (Unic), Jonas Röösli (Swiss Krono Group), and Virginie Blot (Akeneo).