InBetween 4.7 SR2

The new release InBetween 4.7 SR2 is officially available

A key foundation of the InBetween strategy is the ongoing dialog with our customers. Because what our customers want and need is the most important thing to us. The 4.7 SR2 update is once again based on this premise. What is new and beautiful about this version? A whole lot!

The new release is part of our progress to make the products of our software family more and more easy to use and more and more tailored to the actual use cases of our customers. InBetween 4.7 SR2 with many new features for even more comfortable workflows contains numerous highlights and new functions.

Stay on the cutting edge of technology!

New functions:

Current OS and Adobe versions

InBetween 4.7 SR2 extends the range of supported operating systems. Now InBetween is capable to run on Apple computers with the new operating system MacOS 11 Big Sur for the Intel platform. The latest versions of Microsoft Windows and MacOS as well as the latest versions of QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign CC 2021 are also supported.

For the first time as part of the standard, InBetween is also available for the popular Linux operating system. With InBetween 4.7 SR2, InBetween Server incl. Tomcat web server as well as InBetween Project Editor are executable under Linux.

Simplified project setup

If you need to create new publication projects or import existing publication projects, InBetween 4.7 SR2 will help you reach your goal even faster. The number of required clicks has been greatly reduced. Reduce your time and enjoy the intuitive creation of new projects.

The speed of project import has been reduced by more than 50%.

New output format Adobe Illustrator

The range of supported output media has been extended by Adobe Illustrator. With InBetween 4.7 SR2 you can also output vector graphics automatically.

Create labels and packaging with the Illustrator DTP client from pre-formatted elements. Take changes in your product information or language versions into account in no time at all. Use the speed advantage of a high degree of automation.

Improved creation of Office documents

InBetween 4.7 SR2 often allows you to create Word documents faster than InDesign documents, and with the same level of detail. Produce user manuals, offer letters, business reports or training materials just as quickly and easily as your advertising material, and in the same layout.

Single Sign-on

InBetween 4.7 SR2 introduces a new user authentication in the Central User Management of the InBetween server.

Log in only once to use all licensed web applications or to switch between InBetween Publisher and InBetween Publication Wizard.

The improved user interface of the Publication Wizards

InBetween Publication Wizard allows you to put together the individual elements of your publication without any special graphic knowledge. The user interface has been optimized and extended by the possibility to arrange dialogues according to your special wishes and requirements. Create the page structure even more flexibly and manage sections even faster.

Image sections

The cropping and zoom function in InBetween Publication Wizard extends your options for optimizing the image message. Select the appropriate image detail for the specific use of a product image. Make more of your images by concentrating on the essentials.

Placement of several products at once in InDesign

In InBetween DTP Client creative placement of individual pre-formatted templates and content elements is even easier thanks to the ability to set detailed rules for the arrangement and spacing between templates. Select multiple elements and place them simultaneously in your publication, even across multiple pages.

Linked flow layout

Using InBetween DTP Client, if a product is inserted, moved or deleted from a linked flow layout, all other assigned templates are automatically moved to the following pages. Take advantage of the possibility of templates arranging and moving themselves in order to flexibly implement short-term changes or to try out different arrangements.

More detailed information on data changes

The synchronization function of InBetween DTP Client guarantees an overview when correcting and modifying data. In InBetween 4.7 SR2 this has been improved to show more detail, and to allow navigating to the positions of the changed elements in the InDesign document.

Use the practical comparison view and always keep an eye on the smallest changes.

Pre-flight check for newly created templates

The pre-flight check ensures that every template created in and imported into in InBetween DTP Client can actually be used in all output formats. Check newly created templates for possible problems with the display and fix problems before the errors occur.

Smaller file size and more image formats in PDF output

The HiRes PDF output format delivers a much better quality than preview PDF but is many times faster than HQ PDF. At the same time, the range of permitted image formats has been expanded to include PSD or TIFF. Reduce the file size of your PDF documents without loss of quality.

New font mapping

The name for one and the same typeface can vary in InDesign, Word or PDF. Using InBetween 4.7 SR2 you can create typefaces only once. The translation into the required name for your different output formats is automatically done in the background.

New renderer for barcodes

Barcodes, EAN codes, and QR are usually based on a specific font. With InBetween 4.7 SR2  this restriction has been removed. Simply output an image for the barcode in the desired size. The image can be displayed on any device and can also be scanned easily.

Improved REST data source

The REST data source gives you live access to your product data. To improve performance, required data is only stored temporarily and only needs to be retrieved if it has been changed in the meantime. For several PIM systems, there are ready-made REST connectors. Save time and benefit from easy data retrieval.

InBetween Release 4.7 SR2 is available for download. You can request the download address and your license key by sending an email to