Product Lines


the cost-effective entry into Database Publishing

Would you like to add a powerful print publishing to your own software without having to go into the details of template creation yourself?

Available as a stand-alone or server version, the ENTRY Line allows you to work creatively in Adobe InDesign, combining editorial and automated content and finishing professionally.

Alternatively, you can use the InBetween Publisher to automate directly from your product data, quickly and easily.

Experienced InBetween consultants or experienced service providers can support you in creating and maintaining your templates.


single-seat or server
no templating tool
ENTRY Creative: DTP Client for creative work
ENTRY Dynamic: Publisher for automated work

ENTRY Line is best for companies

looking for a low-cost entry to database publishing
happy to leave templating to professionals
adding publishing functions to their own software


the classic Database Publishing solution for individual publication managers

Would you like to get started in dynamic publishing at one workstation?

Do you still need the right scope of services for demanding database publishing projects?

InBetween CLASSIC is a single user license that offers the maximum range of functions for the automation of your publications: from price lists or data sheets with complex tables to extensive catalogs in several languages.


complete control over the publishing process with InBetween Project Editor
no dependence on service providers
advanced layout and table functions

CLASSIC Line is best for companies

who only need one workplace
who like to get into dynamic publishing with a wide range of features
want to maintain complete control over the publishing process with InBetween Project Editor


the professional publishing solution for teams and medium-sized companies

Would you like to optimize your publication processes and realise them comprehensively from the data source to production in a team? Do you need a publishing solution for all formats, from creative work to full automation?

InBetween PROFESSIONAL is a server version for the planning and creation of complex and creative publications from various areas of your company.

You can create, modify and manage your various projects in two InBetween project editors. Thus, based on a flexible and scalable client/server architecture, several employees can work simultaneously on the same or on different projects. The generation of publications is carried out via the InBetween server, saving time and resources. In addition, various very flexible modules are available to you for your very specific requirements.


can be extended comprehensively for fully automatic, interactive and creative publication processes
complete control over the publishing process with InBetween Project Editor
no dependence on service providers

PROFESSIONAL Line is best for companies

who want to work in teams
who want to employ fully automatic, interactive and creative publication processes


the fully-featured solution for the exceptional requirements of Enterprise Publishing

Do you organise your publication process across or decentralised company processes?

Are you looking for a solution to implement complex automation projects of your customers with several employees at the same time?

InBetween ENTERPRISE is the high-end solution for database publishing.

An extremely powerful and scalable client/server architecture and numerous additional functions are the basis for the planning and automated creation of all your sales and marketing documentation.

Benefit from a strong performance potential.


suitable for all publication processes
suitable for all output formats
suitable for distributed publishing

ENTERPRISE Line is best for

demanding medium-sized businesses
large companies and corporations
increased technical requirements

Overview of InBetween Product Lines

✓ – included
X – not available
O – optional
DescriptionInBetween ENTRYInBetween CLASSIC InBetween PROFESSIONALInBetween ENTERPRISE
InBetween ServerXXProfessionalEnterprise
number of seats112 (extensible)8 (extensible)
automated creation of publications of any complexity
updating existing publications when data changes
connection to any data sources
live data connectionOOO
connection of different data sourcesOOO
realization of any page sequences and product assignmentsO
combination of generated and editorial pagesO
creative work directly in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPressO
very easy to use via WebXXO
individual compilation and personalization of publications via webXXO
implementation of complex publication processes with annotations and workflowsXXO
fully automated and time-controlled publication processes (Batch. Hotfolder)XXO
web service interface for direct connection of the InBetween server from third-party applications (e.g. PIM)XXO
URL generation for creating publications from portals and websitesXXO
independent template editing without programming, even for complex layoutsXXO
high-performance publication creation with multi-instance and cacheXXO
output formats PDF, HiRes PDF, RTF, Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress
output formats HQ-PDF (printable), Interactive PDFOOO
output formats Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)OOO
output formats Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, flip page catalogs, image formatsOOO

We would be pleased to create a license configuration customized to your requirements.