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InBetween Database Publishing 4.7 SR2

InBetween Database Publishing 4.7 SR2
07. June 2021

New Release InBetween 4.7 SR2 with support for MacOS 11 and Linux

InBetween Database Publishing 4.7 SR2 is available now!

The new service release 4.7 SR2 brings a further improvement of performance, user-friendliness and stability of the InBetween system, but also extends the range of supported operating systems. Now InBetween is capable to run on Apple computers with the new operating system MacOS 11 Big Sur for the Intel platform.

For the first time as part of the standard, InBetween is also available for the popular Linux operating system. With InBetween 4.7 SR2, InBetween Server incl. Tomcat web server as well as InBetween Project Editor are executable under Linux. Especially in a server-based environment, Linux plays an important role because of its robustness. With the installer for Linux, installation is just as easy as it has been for a long time under Windows and MacOS.

Please contact our support team ( in order to get the new release InBetween 4.7 SR2.