InBetween Next Level Event

InBetween Next Level Event

InBetween has been seriously unleashing their magic as we step into autumn. The days may be shorter and darker, but these last few weeks InBetween has been a shining star taking the stage unveiling their next level digital publishing elixir for their customers and partners alike.

There is most certainly magic in simplicity! InBetween stands proudly at the forefront in showcasing their potential to create ease and grace in the marketplace!

The InBetween team wants to thanks all guests, partners and sponsors for being part of the magic at our InBetween Next Level Event!

  • Wowed by Thorsten Strotmann’s VIP magic show.
  • The magic in simplicity with the IB 5 official launch.
  • Enhancing content to take your business to the next level!
  • Enriching networking opportunities.
  • Insightful and real-time product showcases.
  • Wined and dined and so much fun together!
  • Co-creation at its best!

Let’s keep magic in the air as we continue to co-create our nextlevel digital publishing elixir!

Want to recap the presentations? Click here to download 👇


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    Looking forward to an unforgettable event with you=).

    The InBetween Team

    Thank you all for making this experience, truly magical! It was spectacular!

    The InBetween Team