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New InBetween interface to TESSA DAM

New InBetween interface to TESSA DAM
21. July 2021

React faster and more flexible to market requirements through the connection of DAM and the print channel! 

Digital Asset Management with TESSA DAM efficiently supports manufacturers and retailers in managing digital assets such as images, documents, and videos. 

TESSA DAM can work independently or in combination with a PIM system. In any case, product information only need to be maintained once in the central information system. From this source, the channel-relevant information on the product is then automatically transferred to the various sales channels, such as online stores, apps or even print media.  

With the efficient InBetween Connector for TESSA DAM your company can build a perfect basis for a holistic omnichannel communication. 

The combination of the two systems enables you to react faster and more flexible to constantly changing market demands. So, thanks to the InBetween Connector, content from your TESSA DAM is dynamically imported into your publications alongside product information for example from your PIM system. This allows you to create product sheets, sales documents, illustrated product lists and much more with just a few clicks. 

The InBetween publishing solution enables partial or fully automated creation of complex documents such as datasheets, catalogues, web content and much more. With InBetween, you significantly reduce the effort and costs of the production of your publications, which were previously created manually. Also, you bring the error rate to almost zero by connecting to the data source. You speed up the creation of publications and can adjust prices and assortment at lightning speed, as well as introduce new products to the markets.  

Take advantage of dynamic publishing and digital asset management and expand the success and reach of you company!