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Publishing has to be flexible, dynamic and scalable

Publishing has to be flexible, dynamic and scalable
19th October 2018

Publishing has to be flexible, dynamic and scalable

Those who seek to market their products in this day and age face a very complex challenge. Shorter product development cycles and sales and marketing materials tailored to specific target groups with constantly changing requirements mean an increase not just in the number of relevant output channels but also in the frequency with which documents must be newly drafted or adapted. This is compounded by the fact that a large number of locations, participating bodies and departments favor coordination efforts and potential for error that can easily jeopardize the efficiency of the processes involved. Counteracting this requires publishing solutions that are flexible and scalable. We speak with Alexander Dressler, Managing Director of InBetween, about the properties and features such a solution must-have.

Mr Dressler, modern corporate communication is becoming increasingly important. What are the distinguishing features of a modern publishing solution?

On the one hand, a modern publishing solution must be user-friendly enough to permit a wide range of corporate offices with different backgrounds to work with it. On the other hand, of course, there mustn’t be any chaos or confusion about responsibilities and tasks. Above all, however, modern-day publishing needs to be flexible, dynamic and scalable. That is the basic premise behind contemporary corporate communication.

What do you think are the main reasons for this, and how does InBetween position itself here?

Companies are feeling increasing competitive pressure on the one hand and increasing customer expectations on the other. These two forces combined require ever-shorter product development and innovation cycles, so that the range can be adapted more quickly to new circumstances. This means marketing materials must be adapted very quickly and continuously, and this calls for a high degree of flexibility. Cooperation must also be flexible, however, because the task of creating company publications never falls to a single office within a company. Atthe same time, the number ofchannels that can accommodate an enterprise’s content is growing, and speedy adaptation to linguistic and cultural conditions is needed as new markets open up. So, scalability is a major issue for almost all companies – InBetween offers great benefits here, too. Even if large volumes of publications are generated, the solution offers high performance, and templates can be created completely independently of the subsequent output format, so this minimises the effort involved ininitial project creation.

You’re talking about multi-format publishing. Is print dead?

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