The best customer experience with InBetween Auto Generator Cloud

The  InBetween Auto Generator Cloud is a highly automated cloud-based publication service designed to enable the most efficient creation and distribution of your print marketing material with fresh product data from your databases. InBetween Auto Generator Cloud uses smart product filtering to keep your publications up-to-date. At a scheduled time, it scans your PIM for changed or new products. For all updated products this powerful service will produce datasheets and store them in your PIM for availability in all channels.

With the practical InBetween Auto Generator Cloud, you have an easy game, when it comes to speed and topicality. Your publications can be produced immediately in preferred languages, the corresponding currencies, and tailored to your customer segments.

Automated Publishing with InBetween Server

The core of the InBetween software is the InBetween Server. This powerful solution provides a sound base for automating your publications.

The InBetween Server performs a simple yet essential task. It creates finished publications from your product information and as per the layout specifications. The trick is to put together the right version of your publication from the material at your disposal. You can consider different languages, currencies, units of measurement, or even assortments and target groups. The InBetween Server keeps a close eye on your data. It sorts your product information, processes it reliably and outputs your advertising material directly in the desired layout and format.

On its own, the InBetween Server can be fed with data via the web service, in batch mode or via hot folder. Your publications are automatically created and output in all available formats.

The InBetween Server produces entire publications from the InBetween user interface and can also produce page sections or individual pages if required. All of this is done with a degree of automation that you can set as desired.

Creative publishing in InDesign

The InDesign DTP-Client is a flexible solution for the semi-automatic publication of your marketing material. While offering the power of automation, this solution also enables you to manually add creative touches to the publication. With the DTP-Client as an InDesign plugin you gain the best of both- automation from the InBetween Server and creative freedom offered by InDesign!

How the DTP-Client works: The InBetween DTP-Client allows you to choose the degree of automation in your publication while also keeping your creative freedom intact. You could automate the creation of entire page sections, or choose to build your publication piece by piece.

Simply drag and drop the products from your product list onto the InDesign page. They will automatically appear on the page within the specified layout, ready for publishing. Even with this aspect of automation present, you are free to add editorial content and plan the page yourself according to your creative vision. Since the respective components of your publication are linked to your product data via templates, you can update them quickly and easily at any time.

Lastly, the InBetween DTP-Client can also be connected to your data via XML, SQL, XML, or simply via CSV/Excel, and you can quickly get started with your publication.

Easy dynamic publishing with online solutions

Create and distribute publications easily and dynamically online with the InBetween Publisher. With this solution, you can make your marketing material available online, giving your partners on-demand access to your current publications.

The InBetween Publisher allows you to build publications in different languages, currencies, and units of measurement, and even individual assortments with just a few clicks.

Additionally, if you integrate the InBetween Publisher into a self-service portal, the user identification of the portal automatically selects the dynamic parameters. Your distributors, dealers, sales or service staff only need to select the publication. Within seconds, they will obtain the perfect result in the desired language, currency, unit of measurement or with the desired assortment.

Solution for collaborative publishing

The InBetween Publication Wizard is an optimal solution for teams collaborating on building the publication. With InBetween Publication Wizard, you can organize the planning and execution of your publications in such a way that the tasks are distributed across all departments involved.

The InBetween Publication Wizard can be scaled up to suit the growing size and volume of publications as per the needs of your company. Employees from diverse departments such as purchasing, product management, or marketing can participate in building the publication via an easy-to-use online interface without having to work with a complex DTP program such as InDesign. The concerned employees work comfortably on their respective publication components and then hand them over to the design department for final revision. Thus, the InBetween Publication Wizard allows you to avoid the hassle and retain the expertise in publishing!

Ideal solution packages

Find out more about our solution packages, which we have put together for every design and technical requirement, and for every budget.

The cost-effective entry solution for single seats and for small teams, suited for creative and automated publishing.
The classic solution for individual publication managers who are in control of everything.
The professional publishing solution for teams and medium-sized companies.
The fully-featured solution for the exceptional requirements of Enterprise Publishing.