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Webinar on 07.04.2022: “Web-based creation & personalization of publications with the InBetween Publication Wizard“

Webinar on 07.04.2022: “Web-based creation & personalization of publications with the InBetween Publication Wizard“
March 21, 2022


Web-based creation &
personalization of publications with
the InBetween Publication Wizard

When: on 07.04.2022 at 4 p.m. (CET)


As if by magic✨:

Hassle-free collaborative publishing with the InBetween Publication Wizard!

In the upcoming webinar, InBetween Software’s in-house expert, Ms. Sabine Hampp, will provide an exciting in-depth demonstration of the InBetween Publication Wizard. During the demonstration, Sabine will provide valuable insights on the features and benefits of this publishing service.

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The InBetween Publication Wizard is an easy-to-use web application which enables all of the relevant departments, from Marketing and Sales to Design, to actively participate in the planning and creation of their marketing publication. 

  • A simple online interface allows anyone to build a publication without having to work on a complex DTP program such as InDesign
  • Employees across various departments can effortlessly create their own publication pages, and hand them over to the Design department for the final editing process
  • The InBetween Publication Wizard can be easily scaled up to match the growing size and volume of publications as per a company’s requirements

The following will be presented in detail:

  • Overview of the InBetween Publication Wizard
  • Key features and benefits of the program
  • Use-cases

Why attend?

  • Learn the essentials of creating a seamless collaboration for developing your marketing publication
  • Interact with the experts from InBetween Software to get answers to all your publication-related questions


Sabine Hampp:

Sabine has been working at InBetween Deutschland GmbH since 2016. As a Senior Consultant she supports potential and existing customers in optimizing their publishing processes. As a Project Manager, Sabine leads publishing projects for customers across a wide range of industries.

Through her studies in printing and media technology, she is well acquainted with the challenges of the optimizing processes from data management to the finished publication. Sabine has already accompanied the integration of the InBetween Publication Wizard in product management and therefore knows this web application like the back of her hand.

Thank you for your interest in our webinar: “Web-based creation & personalization of publication with the InBetween Publication Wizard“. The webinar will be conducted on Microsoft Teams. The joining link will be sent to you via email a day before the program. To participate, you will need a computer with internet access. Alternatively, you can join via telephone dial-in to receive the webinar audio.

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